be like snow. beautiful, but cold.
indie / selective / active

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❛ brush ❜


SUPERMASSIVE BLACK HOLEDainty appendages pale sift through long ventablack ( a dizzying darkness that could not be processed by human vision ; eyes fail to communicate to the brain the visual it captures: an incomprehensible darkness, the essence of a black hole ) tresses of a silky texture. Light graced not her crown ( absorbed and torn asunder by the event horizon of her blessed cranium ), but the main body of such beautiful strands that were handled with absolute care by the young monarch carried a soft shine reminiscent of moonlight upon oceanic waters of infinity not meant for voyage of any kind ( from the edge of the World to the edge of the Universe singing celestial lullabies that put Jovian giants to sleep — Jupiter’s great red storm closing like an eye that had been open for centuries, Saturn resting its feather light body on an unseen mattress as auroral lights grace its northern hexagonal pole ). The Emperor’s hair tore a hole into the Earth and opened a window into the void, the great expanse that held an empire of stars bound together by the forces of gravity.

There was a moment when her strange optics closed as the thought of Elsa’s own white locks entered her mind. How woven platinum fibers were held together by her ice powers and encrusted with snowflake decorations, a compliment to her beauty and fragility ( pure as driven snow in every way, the magenta cosmetics upon her flesh were like blood and milk ; Europa made flesh, scratched ice and a metallic iron core that shivered in the early stages of its birth ). Cold appendages belonging to the young woman offered the elder a pleasant cooling sensation that made her darkened lips spread into a small smile that bloomed like flowers ( a warmth made the apples of her hollow cheeks turn a light violet, a bruising blush caused by veins dilating to allow more blue-black blood to flow through them ). There was a passing silence ( a brief quietness punctuated by the extravagant melodies of desert larks outside the window and the calm low decibel hum of sinister technology ) that ensued before she spoke.

                                 ❝ Coul҉d yo͘u ͟br͜aid҉ ̶m͢y̶ ̨h̢air l̢i͠ke ̨y͢ou̷rs̡, E͡ls̡a ❞

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imitation is not & will never be cute. (◡‿◡✿)

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ortusvir replied to your post: “ortusvir replied to your post: “i’ve come to realize that more than…”:
more like A++++ for magnificence scuse you princess 8’I

i am the queen thank u very much

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I can agree to that! —Everybody needs their own space or time to themselves. Otherwise, we’d all go mad.

❝ & more than a
bit grumpy, i think, too 

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"How’s about we compromise and call it bad grammar?"

❝ a simple change
of topic would suit better. 

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' it would depend on the
circumstances, don’t you think?
i mean, it’s possible to be lonely
and simply attribute it to
                        something else. ‘ 

❝ oh, of course. it
depends on the circumstances
& the person, as well.     some
loathe         being alone, others 
value those       moments and
are content to be so.




     ”It’s not a view most people adopt.”

❝ it isn’t, but it is
one i have come to appreciate.❞

sounds like a therapy problem B|

meanwhile terror greets people at the door covered in gore. 8l

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"I’d bet that lonely people would hide behind that kind of philosophy."

❝ or perhaps it is 

lonely people who do not
see it’s merit. ❞

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