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"omg how do you get your icons to have that template? the dotty kind."

made it myself in photoshop w/ pattern fill & overlayed it c:

Anonymous asked:
"[[quietly stalks you on both of my blogs]]"

uwu ♥ ♥

              ’ you seem to be particularly fond of that piece.  

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     - spareheiress
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              ’ i’m not sure about this, anna. 
don’t you think it’s too….soon ? 

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         {♔} ❝ Hunters, of some sort, perhaps?
                      Poachers? P-probably assumed
             I was some sort of exotic bird, or beast, or    

           A threat of breathlessness stops her ramblings before they truly begin, adrenaline is still too high for wasted air, so Toothiana concludes, succinct:
                                                                                             ❝ I was careless. ❞

           She welcomes the care towards the small cuts on her face - consequence of tumbling through branches and ice - without any sort of voiced objection, but the fae’s head is tilted to the side with a roll of her shoulder, to show her true concern. The arrow that lodged itself into her wing and shoulder remains partially intact.

                     disgust & rage mull into one; tempered only by fear;
                                         fear that she could have been killed only moments
                                                                                before. all for selfishness.

                        she couldn’t even imagine the faerie queen dead; or
        caged & kept as some kind of pet to be flaunted.
        it made her stomach churn.

                                                       the view of the arrow does nothing to ease her mind
                                                                                            nor ease the queen’s tension.

                ’ you shouldn’t have to worry about
                          being hunted.

                                                                   it needs to be removed.
                                                                            and it will hurt

nostalgis asked:
"[ /lays on vera/ i am here for my kissus ]"

              ’ ever demanding, aren’t we? 

        yet it bothers her not; for gracing the sister of 
                         flight with a cool kiss is far from unwanted.

                                               & breathing in the unique scent that seems to
                                    cling to the other is on par with an aphrodisiac.

              wildflowers and spice intwined into one; it spoke
                         of unimaginable years filled with magic and strife.  

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     - sanctamater
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                ’ at times it is best to let emotions
                               settle to not worsen a delicate situation. 

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     - peccxvi
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                ’ your staff is very enthusiastic, earl phantomhive. 

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▌█ []

No. Holidays mean family, and I have none. I—was
    also cursed four days before Christmas.❞

                ’ while that is so, you do have your staff;
                                   whom only have your best interest in mind.
                                           that, i believe, certainly counts for something.